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Pakistan: 5 German among 8 foreign nationals killed in drone strike Review

 Pakistani intelligence officials confirmed Tuesday that five German nationals were killed in a drone strike in northwest Pakistan a day earlier.
The Germans were among 11 suspected militants killed Monday. Three others were foreigners whose nationalities were not disclosed, said the officials -- who did not want to be named. The rest were Pakistanis.
There were no immediate comments from Germany.
The strike happened in the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan, the officials said.
Missiles struck a building that held the eight, who are believed to have been members of the group Jihad al Islami, the officials said.
The strike comes a day after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint bulletin warning that terror attacks were being plotted against targets Europe. European intelligence officials said Monday that a group of jihadists from Germany were at the heart of the plots, but it was not immediately clear if the warning and the suspected drone strike were related.
The reported plots prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a Europe-wide security advisory for Americans traveling abroad.
The alert did not cite specific countries because the information about the threat was not specific enough to do so, a State Department spokesman said Monday.
"We have credible information that justified the alert, but it is not specific at this point," said State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley.
Japan issued a similar alert Monday, citing the warnings issued by the United States and by Britain, which raised the level highest for France and Germany.
On Friday, Sweden raised its threat level from "low" to "elevated," the third-highest threat level on a scale of five that ranges from "no threat" to "low threat" to "elevated threat" to "high threat" to "very high threat."
Several European governments said Sunday that they were not raising their already-high alert levels. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sunday that the U.S. advisory was "in line with the general recommendations that we have addressed to the French population."
"The terrorist threat remains high in France, the alert level remains unchanged at level red."
Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office changed its travel advisory for British citizens in France and Germany from a "substantial" threat of terrorism to a "high" threat, but the office said it does not comment on intelligence matters and thus could not say whether the change was related to the U.S. travel alert.
A spokeswoman for Germany's interior ministry said the country will remain at Level 2 alert, which indicates a "high, probable risk" of a terrorist attack.
Spain has remained at this stage since January of this year.
The four-page U.S. bulletin, a copy of which was obtained by CNN, is titled "Al Qaeda Threat to Europe."
A group of jihadists from the German city of Hamburg is alleged to be at the heart of the alleged al Qaeda plot to launch coordinated terrorist attacks against European cities, European intelligence officials said.
Western intelligence officials say they learned about the alleged plot after Ahmed Sidiqi, a German citizen of Afghan descent, was arrested in Afghanistan in July and taken to the U.S. air base at Bagram for questioning.
He has not been charged and intelligence sources in Germany said he was cooperating with the investigation.
In early 2009, Sidiqi and 10 others left Hamburg for the tribal areas of Pakistan -- where most joined a jihadist group fighting U.S. and coalition forces across the border in Afghanistan, according to German intelligence officials.
Sidiqi told American interrogators that at least one member of his travel group was to be a "foot soldier" in the plot, with other members of the group helping to plan the attacks, a European counterterrorism official told CNN.
Sidiqi divulges new, unverified information every day, the German intelligence sources said.
A German Foreign Ministry official told CNN Monday that German authorities have been given access to Sidiqi in Afghanistan.
Over the weekend, CNN spoke with Sidiqi's sister in Hamburg, who said his family was shocked by the allegations against him. She said Sidiqi told his family in 2009 that he was traveling to Afghanistan to start a new life with his wife. They last heard from him shortly before his arrest, when he phoned to tell them that he would soon be returning home because he missed his family, said his sister, who described him as a devout, family-loving man.
German officials said the Hamburg group members were recruited from the Taiba mosque in Hamburg. In the 1990s, that same mosque -- then called Al Quds -- was attended by Mohamed Atta, who went on to become the lead hijacker in the 9/11 attacks.
A friend of Atta from those days has emerged as a crucial figure in the new plot, European intelligence officials tell CNN. Naamen Meziche, 40, a French citizen of Algerian descent, worked to persuade a number of young men praying at the Taiba mosque to join in jihad, the officials said.
Though his exact whereabouts are unknown to authorities, he is thought to be in the Afghan/Pakistan border area. Meziche's wife told CNN that he was overseas.
According to a European counterterrorism official, Meziche had connections to al Qaeda dating to the 1990s that he rekindled once he arrived in Pakistan's tribal areas.
Most of the members of the group which coalesced late in 2008, left Pakistan before authorities had a chance to stop them, despite constant surveillance of suspected militants at the Taiba mosque, according to German intelligence officials.
The group used several routes to get to Pakistan, some going overland through Iran and some traveling by air via the Persian Gulf. Managing the logistics, according to German intelligence officials, was a man known as Asadullah M., 52, a Hamburg resident of Afghan origin who is thought to be in the Pakistani tribal area along the Afghan border.
Eight members of the travel group, including two wives of the militants, eventually made it to the tribal areas of Pakistan, where they joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an Uzbek militant group with strong ties to al Qaeda, according to German intelligence officials.
One member of the group was Rami Makanesi, 25, a German of Syrian descent. Another was Shahab Dashti, a German citizen of Iranian descent. He appeared in an IMU video in late 2009. Wielding a knife and gun, he urged other Germans to join in jihad against American forces in Afghanistan. Several other Germans in the video were shown firing weapons in what appeared to be live-fire exercises. Several scenes featured what appeared to be the group's members using rockets and guns to practice storming enemy positions, honing the type of combat skills that Western counter-terrorism officials fear could be used in Western cities in a "Mumbai-style" attack.
In November 2008, more than 160 people were killed in an assault on hotels and other "soft targets" in Mumbai by members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a terrorist group based in Pakistan.
One European counterterrorism official said Sidiqi told his interrogators that Meziche had assumed a planning role in the new reported plot -- assisted by Asadullah M. -- which Osama Bin Laden himself approved. Sidiqi said that Dashti, who appeared in the IMU video, was tasked to be a "foot-soldier" in the plot against Europe, a European counterterrorism official told CNN. German intelligence officials believe Dashti is still at large in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
Dashti, who previously followed a Western lifestyle, began attending the Taiba mosque after converting from Shia to Sunni Islam, in part, German intelligence officials said, to distance himself from a domineering father.
Family members reached by CNN over the weekend said they believe he was tricked by extremists into going to Pakistan. His wife traveled with him to Pakistan and is still believed to be in the Afghan-Pakistan border region.
The imam of the Taiba mosque is Mamoun Darkazanli, a German businessman from Syria who was identified by the 9/11 Commission as having links to al Qaeda financiers. Spanish authorities charged him in 2003 with membership in al Qaeda, but as a German citizen he was not extradited. He faces no charges in Germany. Attempts by CNN to reach Darkazanli for a response on the latest plot have been unsuccessful.
In the years after 9/11 the Taiba mosque became a magnet for al Qaeda sympathizers across Europe. "They all wanted to come and pray where Mohamed Atta prayed," a German intelligence official told CNN.
Hamburg authorities shut the mosque a few weeks after Sidiqi was arrested. The decision to shut the mosque was difficult, said officials in Hamburg, because the presence in one place of so many militants made it easier to monitor their activities. But they said the mosque had become a recruiting center for jihadists across Europe.
Several militants now back in Germany who failed to make it to Pakistan's tribal areas are of continuing concern to members of German intelligence services, who have kept them under observation.
"Their greatest enemy is the United States," a German intelligence official told CNN.
A recent report by Hamburg's intelligence services said that 45 jihadists lived freely and openly in the city, from where they supported al Qaeda. High evidence thresholds under the German legal system have made it very difficult for authorities to make arrests, German officials told CNN. In addition to those actively supporting al Qaeda, another 200 Islamists living in the city are described as having "violent tendencies."
German intelligence officials told CNN that Hamburg, like many other European cities, faces a challenge from Islamist extremists, but that some cities, including London, face greater challenges. They said they are increasing resources to confront the problem of Islamist extremism.
Radicalization, they said, is on the rise because of the growth of German-language extremist websites and the revolution in social media. A senior German counterterrorism source told CNN that some 200 people have left the country since 9/11 to receive training with militant groups in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, and that dozens have returned.
According to German intelligence officials, the uptick in U.S. drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan has not staunched the enthusiasm of German militants wishing to travel there.
CNN's Frederik Pleitgen and journalist Nasir Habib contributed to this report.

Patrick Chung: NFL Review

Patrick Chung:What started as a close game between the Patriots and the Dolphins on Monday night turned into a wild release. Miami actually led going into half-time 7.6 and really dominated the first half. Immediately after the break, all changed dramatically.
Brandon Tate returned the opening kick in the second half for a touchdown, and the proverbial flood gates opened. The Patriots had only their second three-and-out following the return of starting and safety Patrick Chung punt blocked. Two plays later, BenJarvus Green-Ellis was in the end zone touchdown to make it 20/07. Dolphins scored on their next drive to make it 20-14, but the Pats took off again. They marched down the field for the game in December 1978 yard drive that ended in a touchdown pass from Tom Brady, Danny Woodhead. At the moment, the universal Pats scored at the start of return, run and pass.
Things really got out of hand in the 4 th quarter. Patrick Chung blocked 53-yard attempt to the ball and he was returned for a touchdown to make it 34-14. Multiple drives later, Chung intercepted Chad Henne and returned it to evaluate to stamp on the game.
Pats won 41-14 and became the first team in history to score on a run, pass, kick-off blocked punt and blocked the ball in the same game. Talking about the complete effort. That the matter boys, can not fumble or punt return for a touchdown? Slackers.

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Tesco enjoys 12.5% jump in profit Review

Supermarket giant Tesco has reported half-year pre-tax profits of £1.6bn.

The figure, for the six months to 28 August, was up 12.5% on the same period a year earlier.

The company said UK sales growth was "modest" - citing low food price inflation and higher fuel costs meaning customers spent more at the pump instead of in store.

But chief executive Sir Terry Leahy added the firm was experiencing "the tailwinds of recovery".

Tesco, the world's third largest retailer, said the firm's Asian markets were "emerging strongly" from recession, with profits rising 30%.

In the UK, economic recovery was slow, Sir Terry said, but added it had coped well with "subdued demand".

For the company as a whole, sales grew by 8.3% to £32.9bn. It said that when exchange rate fluctuations were stripped out, sales rose by 6.4%, or 5.5% without fuel sales.


Dany Woodhead Review

MIAMI -- When "Hard Knocks" aired on HBO, Danny Woodhead had a prominent role, as he quickly became one of Jets coach Rex Ryan's favorite players. He survived the final cuts when New York's original 53-man roster was set but he was released later that week, and viewers who grew to like the diminutive back out of Chadron State wondered where he might end up.

Well, they can wonder no more -- Woodhead has found a home in New England with the Patriots. The 5-foot-9, 195-pound all-purpose player became the Patriots' featured back in the second half of Monday night's 41-14 New England win at Sun Life Stadium. He finished with eight carries for 36 yards, just one week after scoring on a key TD run against the Bills.

Woodhead also caught an 11-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady on Monday, which allowed New England to regain a 27-14 lead after Miami had cut it to 20-14.

Perhaps Ryan is going to regret letting the little guy go.

Second London Underground strike threatens travel chaos News

Commuters are set to face another day of severe disruption on London's Underground network as a second 24-hour strike over job cuts continues.

Services on the Circle, Central and Waterloo and City lines are suspended, while services on the other lines have been disrupted.

Members of the RMT and TSSA unions walked out at 1830BST on Sunday against plans to cut 800 ticket office jobs.

Transport for London said about 75% of stations on the network were open.

There is a good service on the Docklands Light Railway and London Overground.

A spokesman for TfL said they hoped to run a better service than last time the network was hit by a strike in September.

TfL is laying on 100 extra buses and has increased capacity for more than 10,000 extra river journeys and also delayed roadworks in an attempt to reduce travel disruption.

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Those who own bikes have been encouraged to cycle to work.

A similar walkout last month caused chaos on the Underground.

TfL pleaded with the unions to call off the strike, which it labelled "pointless", but the unions hit back by saying the planned job cuts would threaten safety on the network.

'Political attack'
On Sunday, RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: "We have warned repeatedly that TfL's cuts plans are playing fast and loose with safety and will turn the Tube into a death trap.

"We remain available for talks but the current cuts to jobs and safety must be halted before we have a tragedy on our hands."

London Underground's managing director, Mike Brown, said the unions were "intent on disruption".

He said: "Changing London Underground is not a choice, it is essential, and we will not be diverted from moving with the times."

London mayor Boris Johnson attacked the strike, labelling it a "political attack" on the government.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, he said: "We need to take account of the fact that some ticket offices are now selling fewer than 10 tickets an hour. We need to liberate staff to get out on to the platforms and concourses where they can be of most use to the travelling public.

Further strikes
"We have come up with a way of doing this that keeps a ticket office at every station that currently possesses one, and, remarkably, given the colossal budgetary pressures we face, we are able to do this with no compulsory redundancies."

Two further strikes are planned for November if the dispute remains unresolved.

The RMT also banned its members from accepting overtime over the weekend in protest at the job cuts.

The strike can be followed on a BBC London Twitter feed and a live update web page.

An interactive map will be produced showing areas on the network with severe disruption.

Rousseff falls short of outright win in Brazil election Review

Brazil's presidential election will go to a second round after Dilma Rousseff failed to gain the 50% of votes needed for an outright victory.

With 98% of votes counted, President Lula's former cabinet chief has 47% with Jose Serra trailing on 33%.

The two will contest a run-off vote in four weeks' time.

A strong showing by the Green Party candidate, Marina Silva, who polled 19%, may have cost Ms Rousseff a first-round win."We can confirm there will be a second round in the presidential elections," Ricardo Lewandowski, the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, told reporters in Brasilia late on Sunday.

Workers Party candidate Dilma Rousseff is the favoured successor to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has completed two terms, and cannot run for a third.

"We are warriors, and we are accustomed to challenges," she said in a speech in Brasilia after the result was announced. "We do well in second rounds."

Ms Rousseff was the front runner for much of the campaign and benefited from Lula's widespread popularity and the country's booming economy.Many analysts believe a scandal involving her directly would be the only scenario under which she could lose a runoff.

Dilma Rousseff is still on course to become Brazil's first woman president, but her face and tone in addressing supporters betrayed her disappointment. Until a week ago, the polls consistently pointed to Dilma scoring a knock-out blow in this first round of voting; now, she faces the uncertainty of four more weeks of campaigning.

What happened? A critical mass of support seems to have fallen away in the days immediately before polling - partly the consequence of a corruption scandal involving a former adviser, and partly the fall-out of a row over Dilma's stance on abortion.

Evangelical Christians reacted badly to reports that the presidential favourite planned to liberalise Brazil's strict abortion law - a claim she denied - and some appear to have shifted their loyalty to the Green Party candidate, Marina Silva, who is herself a devout evangelical Christian.

Marina put in a strong showing in third place and, while not quite a kingmaker, her views on the second round will be influential in determining the result. For now, she is suggesting that Green Party members - with their 19% of the vote - should collectively decide on whether to endorse Dilma, Serra, or neither.

The rather dour Jose Serra will need to up his game after an often confused and lacklustre initial campaign. But four weeks is an eternity in electoral politics, so don't assume that a Dilma victory is a foregone conclusion.
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